Welcome to the home of Warped Photography.

I’m an experienced and accomplished photographer living in Perth, Western Australia who first picked up a camera some 25+ years ago. I’ve a passion and fascination with the bizarre and unusual and for the past 10 years or more my focus has been on alternative and fetish images.

My focus and passion for the fetish genre has resulted in my work being published in Australian and International magazines, my images are featured on a number of fetish and alternative fashion related websites, working with international Fetish performers and designers, as well as being invited to shoot at a number of Fetish Balls and other events.

I am constantly intrigued and amazed at the way fetish clothing and items can change a persons attitude and behavior, and the way those items or clothing can let another side of an individual's personality come to the fore. Getting to witness this side of people that not many are privileged to see, much less photograph, is a large part of the reason I chose this genre. I see fetish and it's range of latex, corsets, masks and hoods, shoes and boots ….etc (all typically extreme in their designs) as a type of body modification – and not just of the physical body, but of the subjects attitude and the way they interact with others and their surrounds once they taken on that change from the every day, to their new (even if only temporary) self. Along with the physical aesthetics of the fetish realm that grab my attention, being able to witness and photograph that personal modification, as well as the subjects reaction when shown that other side of themselves, delivers an immense satisfaction in a way no other genre ever could. I aim to continue my efforts to show that Fetish isn't the taboo subject of yesteryear, and want to introduce and expand the genre within Perth, and Australia to a wider audience through the display of my imagery.

Where you can also find me:

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Contact - wayne.henry@gmail.com      

Phone - +61 416 221 387

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